Get Rid of From IE/Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Edge/Safari Overview : is deemed as a meta search engine which created on 1st August 2016 at T08:42:30Z by registrar. The registry domain ID of this site is 2048278221_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN.

This site claims user to provide the capability of multiple search in the one interface. It promises user to save their time and effort to find an appropriate or the desired search result. But in reality, it is completely different from its promises. Actually is labeled by security experts as a notorious browser hijacker that mainly hijacks users all startup page, default homepage, new tab and search engine without asking for their permission. It claims user to enhance their browsing experience but actually it causes redirection problem and display tons of annoying ads. It has been created by cyber offenders for promotional and commercial purposes. What's worse, it has ability to gather your all crucial and confidential data for illegal purposes. My Lucky Search name of this site is completely scam because it is not lucky at all for you.

Causes :

Generally, uses Bundling method to intrudes into your PC. If you install any program by using the default installation option then it automatically intrudes into your Computer and cause serious damages. Besides this, it uses other tricky things to penetrates into your Computer including Torrent files, online games, hacked sites, infected devices, file sharing network and so on. Its distribution channels are different but the main source for the infiltration is Internet.

Symptoms :

My Lucky Search replaces your homepage, new tab search, default search engine to This browser hijacker will bombards you with tons of irritating ads and misleads you. It opens up the System backdoor and injects several malicious infections. The worst things about this hijacker is that it steals your all personal data and release your privacy. For the sake of privacy and to avoid PC from further damages, it is very necessary to delete My Lucky Search quickly.

Prevention Tips :

To avoid PC from being affected by, it is very necessary to pay attention carefully while surfing the Internet and performing any online work. You should always opt Custom or Advanced installation modes in place of Default installation, stay away from the insecure download sites, read carefully all terms and conditions, do not open any mail attachments that arrived from the unknown senders. Your little attention can avoid you from being affected by My Lucky Search.

How To Delete From Google Chrome? is really very unsafe site which does not only annoyed you but also keeps your Computer at high risk. Thus it is very necessary to delete it as soon as possible without any delay. You can easily eradicate manually by following the procedures which described below.

Step 1 : Delete undesired or unwanted search engine and homepage from Chrome

  1. Start the Google Chrome.
  2. Hit on the three stripe icon which located at the right side of the Chrome and choose the Settings option.
  3. Now you will get the configuration page. Under this page select “Open a specific page or set of pages” option and hit on its Set Pages.
  4. A window will come up on your screen in which a bunch of URL's appeared. Delete them all and enter the only one that you want to use as your default homepage.
  5. Hit on the Manage search engine button in the same configuration page and delete all search engine except

Step 2: Delete unwanted extension from your Chrome browser

  1. Start your Chrome browser and hit on the three stripe icons which appeared at the top right side. Go to the Tools menu and select Extensions sub-menu.
  2. Now you will get the configuration page in which all installed extensions are listed. From the list you have to delete To delete it hit on the recycle bin icon.

Step 3: After deleting reset Google Chrome to default setting

  1. Launch Chrome browser.
  2. Move your Cursor towards the three stripes which located at the right corner.
  3. Hit on the Settings and then find out the Advanced settings options.
  4. Now go for the Reset Browser Setting button which located at the end of the page.
  5. To delete from your Chrome hit on the Reset button.

Note :- If you are unable to get rid of manually then go for the automatic removal option.

Click here to get rid of automatically

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